Engineer Abdel Razak Al Salihiy serves as the Vice Chairman of Sadara. He has implemented and supervised the construction of residential complexes and multi-storey buildings in Kuwait and the UAE. He has come to be well known in the fields of consultancy and strategic development for investments through his professional experience that exceeds 25 years. He owns and operates Sky Hotel Apartments, Tecomas International Engineering Consultancy, and ConSoil (specialises in the control of technical standards, and building and construction material) in Ontario, Canada. Mr. Al Salihiy leads the way in promoting foreign direct investments in the Governorate of Dhi Qar and is currently engaged in introducing a 5 star hotel in Nasiriyah. Engineer Al Salihiy graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Kabul University in Afghanistan. He also holds a degree from the Canadian Standards Association, and another from the American Concrete Institute.