Liwan. .. The heart of Al Naseriyah

The City of Al Naseriyah has always had a unique place throughout history. Not only was it the origin of civilization, but also it was also the birthplace of Iraq’s most famous artists, poets and literariness. Now, Al Naseriyah is witnessing an economic renaissance. Plans are also underway for dozens of major commercial projects, as well as the development of promising tourism opportunities in the Governorate of Dhi Qar, particularly in Al Naseriyah.

Liwan enjoys an excellent geographic location in the centre of new developments in Al Naseriyah, rising six metres high from surrounding areas. It is located on the Ur road, 5 km from the archeologically important city of Ur, and leading to the new main city entrance, the new airport and the new American University in Al Naseriyah.

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